Grand Theft Auto III – GRAND THEFT AERO (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 081

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eighty-first episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. If you haven’t guessed already, we’re gonna go over to Donald Love, see what shenanigans we can get up to. Oh my god. I literally though I was driving a Yardie Lobo. This things just the Idaho. Trying to work out, what happened to the god damn hydraulics on this car. God damn Idaho. Sorta stuck there. This is ‘Grand Theft Aero‘. God damn it. You mean to tell me we got four wanted stars for some decoy packages. Put us in that kinda danger. Well, we get to head over to Shoreside Vale for the first time, which is hard to believe we’re already able to go over there. Are we gonna make the bridge? Na, see a plane landing to the left there, that’s gnarly. So, I think he said we’re, we need to go retrieve whatever the package in the fuselage in Francis International airport.

Which we’re here now. Oh, there’s a fire truck their. We’re approaching the spot. What’s going on here? What’s this guy doing? Okay, oh the Colombian Cartel. This might call for Sniper Rifle. Show yourself. It’s no problem to kill you. The package should be in the plane, more specifically the fuselage. That’s what I was told buddy. Package is gone. Pan Lantic Construction Company. Well I know where that is. It’s got nothing but hostility around the outside of that place. As much as I’d like to take that mini-wingless plane right now. I know down the track I’ll need to come back and grab it for a certain objective regardless so, I will be flying it at some point. Or trying to fly it as long as I can. Awe, that must be maybe where the Fire Department is. Or just like an airport fire station in Shoreside Vale. Cool, Oh, I can’t tell if the bridge is going up or down. It’s going up!

Take a little shortcut cause why not. Whoa, god damn hostility around here is crazy. Alright, so we’re here. We need to get to that, I wouldn’t know what to call that. A construction lift. Alright, I think over here. Whoa, might throw a grenade in there, or a couple. I don’t want the chainsaw my friend. I can hear someone nearby. Did I get him? Na. Okay, I haven’t got body armour here so I’m gonna have to take it easy and peek around corners. Alright, chuck, whoa, where did that go? I can’t tell if It’s someone just there. I think it sounds like it. I think I got him. I can see someone over there. Time to sniper rifle this guys head off. No, It’s no problem to kill you. Did I get him? Think so, huh. Where’d this guy come from? Holy jeebers my guy. How about we just avoid that guy. Holy dooley. That was a close encounter. Sorry to leave you there guy but, we’re glad It’s not us because we were the one’s who killed Kenji Kasen.

Ah nice, he took care of that god damned Colombian for me. Oh my god, he came outta nowhere with that shotgun. We’ll take Asuka’s Yakuza Stinger. Whoops, sorry guy. Yeah, I think we got lucky there. Asuka thinks it was the Colombians so our Cartel Cruiser was a good disguise when we took out Kenji. And ah, Catalina there. Can’t wait to get our hands on her. Looks like we’re going back to Donald Love barely surviving. Alright, nice fifty-thousand dollar payday in GTA dollars. Almost at the two million dollar mark, will be nice to break. I’m sure soon Liberty City will be bankrupt ha. Alright, it looks like we got Asuka Kasen active again on the minimap. Which is cool if we get to do some missions with her again. But, I think Donald Love’s the person we wanna finish first, stick with him. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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