Final Fantasy X – MT. GAGAZET CAVE (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 094



Hello and welcome back to the ninety-fourth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Mandragora looks like the Ochu. I’d imagine it’d be tougher. Now that we have Firaga for Lulu, we’ll utilise that. So right now, we’re in the Gagazet Mountain Cave and we have two tasks we must complete to progress. This way being one of them and we’re left to the three characters Tidus, Wakka and Rikku for this section. The First Trial Of Gagazet! Aim for the centre with Wakka’s ball! Okay, ‘X’ to throw the ball, I just gotta time it. Oh. Awe, that would have been perfect. Ha ha ha ha. There we go. There’s a chest their as a reward. Obtained Level One Key Sphere. Let’s head back in the water. Casting Hastega with Tidus because he can’t really attack, cause he has a Water Weapon.

It appears that way’s a dead end for now. Let Rikku Use the Al Bhed Potion. We’ll go this way now, up the stairs. What’s this? It Heaved Yuna and KO’d her. Well, the Behemoth, we’ll try and break your power in half. We’ll cast Demi on it with Lulu. We’ll go left first. Yuna casts Curaga on Auron. The Second Trial Of Gagazet! Hit the three panels simultaneously. And this is based on their Sphere Grid colours. So Rikku’s green, Tidus is blue and Wakka’s red. Go grab the chest. In it lies the Fortune Sphere. Let’s get out of this water so we can go left but before we do that, I wanna go collect more items. Oh my, Dark Flan, which reminds me. We’re gonna use Lancet with Kimahri on the Dark Flan and we should learn the Overdrive White Wind. We’ll use Demi back on it. Oh no, that’s devastating.

It’s Defense is so high. This might call for a summoning of Valefor. Oh my god. Energy Blast on this Dark Flan and that’ll do. Well done Valefor. Ah, we’ll go right up here and we run into a Behemoth. But this time, we’ll use Lancet on it. To learn Kimahri’s, potentially final Overdrive attack which is Mighty Guard! That could be all of his ah, Overdrive’s learned. What’s this way? Two chests with a Return Sphere and a Recovery Ring. Down these stairs and we’ll go back this way, cause now we can go right and get this chest that has Pep Talk Weapon. I think there might be another item we can grab quickly. If not, we’ll head out! Oh so, we’ll check back this way just to make sure. So, we’ll go right to what I thought was a dead-end. We’ll see if there was anything there.

Ah so, it just shows you the chests, it was a dead-end! Alright so, let’s go back to that fork in the road that takes us upward. Whoa, that was a lot of damage. This is risky! Back up the stairs and to the left. But first, we must beat this Behemoth. Now we’ll go left on this fork. There’s definitely no shortage of Behemoth’s in these mountain caves at Gagazet. Yunalesca, ho ha. Is the Dark Flan eatable there Rikku. Is that what you just said? That’s pretty funny. Alright, let’s just summon Valefor again to get It’s Overdrive filled and Energy Blast it to oblivion! Because It’s Defense and Magic Defense is ridiculous! Take all the ‘MP’ you like, it won’t save you! Valefor, Energy Blast time. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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