Final Fantasy X – ZANARKAND RUINS (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 095


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the ninety-fifth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. What’s this monstrous beastly entity Yunalesca has sent before us. Sanctuary Keeper! We’ll Haste up Auron and keep him on the field at all times and use his Threaten. Cause if it lands, It’s very helpful in this battle. And in this case, we haven’t got Aeon’s Overdrive’s filled so, It’s even tougher for us again. That’s no good. We’ll unleash Lulu’s Waterga Fury. Threaten won’t always land so, so far so good. Kimahri’s Jump! There we go, there’s a miss. The problem is here, I don’t think we can cure this Zombie stat effect. We needed that Threaten to land like that, very nice.

We’ll try our best to get Yuna’s Overdrive gauge filled ah, gauge filled up because than, we can Grand Summon in Bahamut. I don’t even know if that landed ha. Alright Wakka, we need you to land all your Attack Reels. Yes! That’s gonna do a lot of damage. Awe, there we go! No need to summon Yuna’s Bahamut. Cause we done Armor Break, that done even more damage again. That was definitely worth getting the Attack Reels in Blitzball prior to this battle. Didn’t even have to use an Aeon in that! Very surprising. Go back to Yunalesca Sanctuary Keeper! How sad there Auron. But now, you’re a legendary Sir Auron. That’s all that matters.

What did Yuna just drop? Some sort of sphere. So, I guess that was a Yuna’s Sphere and that was very touching words to her guardians. Hang on, their’s a little nook there in the road, I don’t know if that has anything there. So, we approach the ruins of an ancient city. A thousand years old, since It’s destruction, Zanarkand! Come so far. I do believe this scene we’re about to enter right now, is the introductory scene when you actually launch the game. So, we’ve come around full circle. Alright, it is night-time in Zanarkand and it looks stunning. So, we’ll do some quick Sphere Grid. We’ll use the Level Three Key Sphere for Yuna just so we can get an additional three Magic points, well worth it.

Yuna learns the Ability Regen, very nice. Tidus used a Level Three Key Sphere so he can get in the next time, some more Strength. Auron learns the Ability Zombie Attack, very nice. Unlock that Level Three Key Sphere and Level Four Key Sphere for Lulu. There’s Key Sphere’s everywhere in this section. Lulu learns Doublecast, which basically allows you to cast two spells at once. Rikku learns Bribe! Great Strength gain there for Kimahri. So, stats and an overall glance of their Sphere Grid Progression. So, here we are at Zanarkand Ruins and there’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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