Final Fantasy X – GLORIES VS AUROCHS [LEAGUE 1] (4K) Save Sphere 3: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 062


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the sixty-second episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Before we proceed, I’m gonna equipped Auron with the Gorgon Gaze Weapon. Because it has Stonetouch, as well as Piercing so It’s quite decent. And now, we have to deal with the Thunder Plains before we can play our next match of Blitzball at Rin’s Travel Agency. That was quite an ambush! Settle down lightning. There’s the Qactaur Ghost. Go away Qactuar Ghost! Their’s Auron’s Stonetouch in action, thanks to the Gorgon Gaze, It’s a good Weapon. Alright, let’s ah, finish this with some Watera.

Not too many lightning bolts are striking which is good. But, because I said that, I’ll probably jinx ourselves. Well, because of all this back tracking and collecting Jecht’s Spheres. And, now playing Blitzball back to our location we’re suppose to go to. We’ve accumulated plenty of Ability Points and Sphere Grid progression because of it. Definitely worth doing. It’s always nice to see some Qactuar, to get that Chocobo Feather. Chocobo Feather is a very useful item, particularly when you craft Weapon’s and Armour. So, It’s worth collecting a couple. So here we are at ah, Rin’s Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains.

And, as you can see there, there’s a chest their but, pretty sure we can’t access what’s in there. Awe hang on, obtained Ether. Yeah so, what that chest will do is. Based on the amount of lightning strikes that happen, and we can dodge consecutively. Pretty sure it unlocks various items, all the way to a hundred two-hundred dodges. But, that’s something we’ll leave for later. Alright ah, while we’re here, we’ll sell Weapons and Armour we don’t use. Time for some Blitz action. Spira League: Round Eight. Besaid Aurochs are versing Guado Glories, let’s get it on. Tidus is gonna attempt a Jecht Shot and he scores. One/nil, Aurochs way.

That Nap Tackle was successful putting that NPC to sleep. Zev Ronso has a free shot at goal and scores. Tidus is going for Sphere Shot but. It’s blocked by Noy Guado. Zev Ronso shoots but, It’s saved again. Half-time! Now entering the second-half of the match. Letty starts off with the ball. Jecht Shot time from quite far out and it enters the back of the net. Three/nil! Tidus performs the Sphere Shot and scores, four/zero. Zev Ronso’s last shot at goal and scores. That’s full-time. Besaid Aurochs beat the Guado Glories five to zero. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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