Final Fantasy X – FIEND CAPTURE [MUSHROOM ROCK ROAD] (4K) Save Sphere 3: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 114


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and fourteenth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, we’re gonna run over to Mushroom Rock to collect the fiends their. There’s several but, Mushroom Rock um, has the Thunder Flan there. Which, you can also capture it here. So, we’ll capture them on the way. Thunder Flan captured! And, we’ll utilise the Energy Rain Overdrive when we get the opportunity. To work towards getting Tidus’s final technique. Another good reason to capture the Thunder Flan whilst here is. You can avoid running into a Dark Aeon battle. So we already ah, captured two last episode unintentionally cause of Tidus’s Magic Counter shield.

So, we’re already on three caught. I think there’ll be better odds encountering Thunder Flan up top here. Oh my god, I missed it, ha ha. At least it still lands. I think that’s the first Overdrive I’ve missed with Tidus. Overdrive Swordplay: Energy Rain! This time we’ll make sure of it. That’s ten Thunder Flan caught! Now, we can move into Mushroom Rock more safely. Avoiding the Superboss. And, we’re gonna quickly race around the people that trigger it. And head into the Valley of Mushroom Rock and begin capturing the remaining six fiends. So, here we are in the Valley. Should be able to get all the fiends from here on out. There’s a Lamashtu caught! A Gandarewa caught and a Red Element captured!

There’s a Raptor caught! Might as well just walk along the Valley Road. We’ll be here for a little while. Funguar captured! I think the hardest fiend to encounter and collect ten of will be the Garuda. So, as soon as I encounter one, I’m gonna stick around that same spot. If it helps, I don’t know. There we go. So, we’ll stay here for awhile. Whoops! Garuda captured! Seems like we’re having a hard time encountering Lamashtu as well. We might try our luck over here. Let’s see if our luck will improve at the Mushroom Rock Precipice. So that’s, ten Red Element caught! That’s ten Funguar caught! It’s a good sign that we seen the ah, Garuda in the Precipice. That’s ten Raptor’s caught! I’m gonna head back down and start going back the other way.

Cause we’re having little luck with the Lamashtu. Oh, is this a hot spot for Lamashtu? That’s ten Gandarewa caught! So that’s surprising, that’s the tenth Garuda caught! And we still have four Lamashtu to go. Did not see that one coming. C’mon! Okay, if we can’t encounter a Lamashtu between here and Mushroom Rock Precipice Save Sphere. I will be very shocked! There we go. Make it reign with Energy Rain Mr. Tidus. So that’s, ten Lamashtu caught and all the fiends in the Mushroom Rock areas have been captured. For the Monster Arena or Fiend Arena. Let’s go up this waterfall elevator. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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