Final Fantasy X – MUSHROOM ROCK PRECIPICE (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 028


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-eight episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. And, we’re loading in, in the Mushroom Rock Valley. Obtained Hi-Potion from that NPC. What’s this? Up! We might as well equip Lulu with that awesome Tough Bangle. There, look at that, ‘HP’ Plus Twenty Percent, from Five Percent. So her health’s on eight-hundred and nineteen. Now, It’s nine-hundred and thirty-six, that’s gnarly! So, we’ll be encountering a couple of new fiends in this valley. Gandarewa! Man that Raptor’s quick. Is that Lucil? Come here Captain Lucil. Obtained ten Potion’s off that guy, thank you!

That’s pretty cool and what’s in this chest? One-thousand Gil. There’s no shortage of items in Mushroom Rock road by looks of things. Funguar, that was a mistake. Wake up Lulu! Okay, Fire! Unusual, the Funguar casts Fire but, It’s weak to Fire. There you are Captain Lucil. Obtained Remedy in that chest. Lead the way. Is that Shelinda up there? So, if you speak to Shelinda three times, she’ll heal us. Another chest and it contains a Hi-Potion. Hey, come back here. Where are you going? I’m not sure if that Chocobo Rider that’s gone away has an item or not. So, I’m debating whether I should chase her down. And, I do hope she just comes running back this way.

Looks like they do the rounds on this valley road. I can hear her coming back. Wait! Ah, who cares. Well, get some more battle experience regardless so, can’t complain. P-Ball equipment found from that battle. Oh, a Garuda. Wow, It’s got a lot of ‘HP’. Okay let’s ah, let’s freeze this Red Element. Let’s go up here. Obtained X-Potion from that guy, cheers buddy. Ha, we’ll go this way first. Where’s this gonna go? Down. What’s down here, a chest with a Serene Armlet. Sounds good, anything else? Nope, back up. Oh, you get some good experience from Garuda’s here. Overkill would be nice. Obtained four-hundred Gil, thank you very much.

What’s this way? It’s a dead end but, there could be something. Ah, here we go. Found an Al Bhed Primer Volume Ten! The letter ‘Z’ in Al Bhed is translated to ‘J’ in English. Tidus has achieved the rank of Al Bhed Maynhan, cool. That’s our tenth Al Bhed Primer found. So, we’re slowly chipping away at it. I may have missed Auron there so. Anything over here, nope. Up we go. Okay, Luzzu. Awe, ha. Straight into a battle. Oh no, that was a bad idea. Ah, aye ya ya. Very bad idea, almost got us killed. Okay so, that should about do it for farming Ability Sphere until further notice. Their’s a ‘Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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