Final Fantasy X – FIEND CAPTURE [CALM LANDS] (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 119


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and nineteenth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Cid, fly us out to the Calm Lands. So now, we need to capture nine fiend’s here at the Calm Lands. Though first, I might sell some Weapon’s and Armour we’re not using. We got quite a few. Time to lighten up the load. We’re gonna sell that now. We’ll sell that one, keep that Soundless Scream. This is quite the collection of Weapon’s and Armour with all the capturing we’ve been doing. It’s like it never ends, finally! Hopefully, we didn’t sell something we didn’t want to. Alright, we’re gonna head north-west to lure out some of the bigger, deadlier fiend’s of the Calm Lands. Anywhere over here. Quick Weapon’s and Armour assortment. What’s first to appear? Two Anacondaur.

Alright, Anacondaur captured! Alright, that was actually quite easy ha. I suspect the Malboro may give us problems occasionally or, perhaps not. Ah, two Chimera Brain. Chimera Brain captured! We’re off to a good start. Definitely liking some of these fiend’s coming in two’s, otherwise, we’ll be here forever! Ogre captured and also the Skoll has been caught! Flame Flan has been caught and the Machina’s do not count, as per usual. Nebiros captured! The dreaded Malboro has appeared finally! Malboro captured! This is a good spot to be capturing fiend’s, It’s enjoyable. Such calming music, no pun intended. That’s the tenth Chimera Brain captured! So, we’ve got ten Skoll’s as well. Oh you know what, I just realised that we’ve already captured one of each of the fiend’s here in the Calm Lands.

That’s why It’s showing captured limit getting the tenth so, we have to get nine of each. I forgot about the, the one-off we did originally. That’s cool to know, that’s a little bit quicker then. Alright, let’s head sorta central in the Calm Lands. To see our luck there for the more common or weaker fiend’s. We’ll go about here. That’s the tenth Anacondaur caught! Their’s a Shred caught! Oh, I wasn’t expecting to see this guy here. We have the Malboro’s back turned toward us. Oops, we already got that. We’re still yet to see one fiend, which ain’t a good sign. Seems like there’s always a rare fiend to encounter in different areas. I guess I just don’t know where specifically it spawns more frequently. Maybe up here, there we go, that’s what we’re after. Fortunately, they come in two the Coeurl. We’ll stay here for a bit.

Hopefully, we can get a few of them. Maybe just all up here, is where they spawn. That’s the tenth Nebiros captured! That’s a good shot of the Calm Lands. Majestic looking beasts. That’s the tenth Coeurl captured! That’s the tenth Flame Flan caught! Just gonna quickly heal up, cause we just ran out of ah, Yuna’s ‘MP’. That’s the tenth Shred captured! Now, we might ride back over to the north-west, where the Malboro’s more frequent. That’s the tenth Malboro caught, which leaves us with the Ogre. C’mon Ogre, awe, beautiful. Waiting on the last Ogre. Fingers crossed, it doesn’t make us wait here for ages. There we go. That is the tenth Ogre captured and all the fiend’s captured within the Calm Lands. We’ll head to Rin’s Travel Agency here, call it a day. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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