Final Fantasy X – FIEND CAPTURE [BIKANEL] (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 118


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and eighteenth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Firstly, we wanna quickly sort our items and equipment. Now, we’re gonna board the Airship and fly on over to Bikanel. Our next location for fiend hunting, Bikanel Island to be more specific. So, here we are at the Oasis and we have about six fiend’s to capture. Ten of each. So, this shouldn’t be a long episode. Their’s a Sand Wolf caught! Alcyone captured in a second and Mushussu caught! Oops. So, It’s at this stage that the fiend’s are gonna start matching our strengths, here on out. So, we’ll be using heal spells a lot more frequently I assume. Machina doesn’t count for the Monster Arena, Bikanel Island fiend list. Zu has been caught! Alright so, we’re in the central area of Bikanel Island. We should be able to capture all fiend’s. Their’s a Cactuar captured! Might even head into here for a bit. That’s ten Alcyone captured! And there, we have the massive Sand Worm and now, we can do a fair bit of damage towards it. Therefore, it won’t take forever to take down the fiend.

Sand Worm captured with Tidus still within it! What does this say now? Something is written here. I guess that’s a password, I can’t make any sense of that. Using Hastega whilst challenging a Sand Worm is definitely a good strategy. Hmm, we might bring in Kimahri. Wait so, awe okay. I thought that I purchased a capturing Weapon with Kimahri, I guess not. That’s ten Sand Wolf captured! Look at the size of those talons on that Zu. We’re not having a great deal of luck capturing Cactuar. Have only seen one. Looks like getting swallowed is a must by the ah, Sand Worm before you can beat it. Let’s head up here and hopefully, we can see some Cactuar here. So that’s ten Mushussu caught! Okay, does that mean we can enter here? No, the sandstorm blocks your path here. So perhaps, if we head back toward the Oasis. We might have a better chance of seeing a Cactuar because, I’m sure we seen that first one close-by there. So let’s head back that way, now. Oh well, their’s one. We really don’t wanna afford missing it. Okay we’ll, that’s a good sign. Maybe we’ll stay right here.

I don’t like the look of that person up there so, we’ll stay away from it. Oh, turns out, we didn’t defeat that monster. I think it was a Sandragora. We know. Alright so, that’s the tenth Zu caught! It’s good to get one of the time consuming fiend’s out the way. The Cactuar are two few and far in between. We need to find a sweet spot or maybe, It’s just incredibly rare. Their’s one. I might just stay right there on the spot. Oh, this might be a sweet spot. Moving on! It’s a shame that the Cactuar only come as a single fiend in the desert Sanubia. Unlike the Thunder Plains, where there’s three. They are two different species though. They’re spelt differently, but sound the same. One does a thousand needles, another does ten thousand needles. Oops. I don’t like our chances here, let’s go back to the central area. Oh well, there you go their’s, maybe not. And their’s the Ten Thousand Needles I just mentioned. Devastating attack. Let’s just hang here. Awe, these ambushes! One more fiend and we’ll go back to the north or central. Okay, all we need to get now is the Sand Worm and the Cactuar.

Both seem quite difficult to encounter. I know in this area over here their’s Sand Worm’s so we’ll go over there. Not sure about Cactuar’s though. Haven’t seen them there yet. Ah, we managed to get the Sand Worm outta there without getting swallowed. I guess I’ll have to eat my words there. Yeah! I’m gonna be devastated, if one of them Cactuar’s goes for the ambush and then runs straight away. Cause It’s so hard to find. That’s the tenth Sand Worm captured! Oh yes. Alright, we’re hanging out here for the final few Cactuar’s. Listen out for It’s cry. Yay. I genuinely thought this would’ve been some quick capturing considering It’s only six fiend’s but, turns out, it takes a long time. And their’s the tenth Cactuar caught! So their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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