Final Fantasy X – CELESTIAL WEAPON [ONION KNIGHT] (4K) Save Sphere 4: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 121


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and twenty-first episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, we’re gonna fly this Fahrenheit Airship towards a spot that we haven’t unlocked yet. In search for Lulu’s Celestial Weapon, which is the Onion Knight. So, we have to use the search here to explore Spira and the coordinates don’t have to be exact. Just get the arrow sort of about there. There’s the Baaj Temple located. A familiar place! Now, we’re better prepared to deal with the Boss: Geosgaeno. Which you have to defeat before you can get, can get the Onion Knight. Straight into a Blitz Ace! Still using Capture Weapon’s for Tidus and Wakka, shouldn’t be an issue. Wakka uses Attack Reels with an Overkill! Geosgaeno goes down. And as you see there, we got the Variable Mog and it has the Ability No Encounters. Which is ideal for this because, I’ll explain later. So here, there’s the chest. The Celestial Mirror seems to react. Obtained Onion Knight! Awesome, It’s a shame we don’t get to see it, like a little cut scene with Lulu with it. And since we’re here, we might as well go into this area, clear it all out. Which happens to be a resting place of an Aeon.

And, the only way you can get this Aeon is by using the Destruction Sphere’s to unlock the Destruction Sphere Chest, in all the temples! So, It’s a good idea to have done it leading up till this point. In this chest lies four Mega Phoenix. Very nice and this one has a Megalixir. So as you can see there each ah, Sphere is a representation of the Temple. Like, you know what I mean. Kilika Sphere, Besaid Sphere. So on and so forth. Alright, the Fayth has entrusted you with a new Aeon and Anima, we’ll keep the default name. Just got the trophy ‘Feel the Pain’! So that’s a bit of a cool moment, good achievement. So, that was the easy part. Now, the hard part is getting the Venus Sigil. The component that goes along with the ah, Venus Crest to activate the Onion Knight’s power. And for that, we have to go to the Thunder Plains and oh man. We’ll see what happens. I do know the spot though that can predict lightning strikes so, that’s the best chance. It may take a few goes. So, we’ve arrived at Rin’s Travel Agency in the Thunder Plains. And now, since we just acquired Variable Mog with No Encounters. Having no encounters makes this a hell of a lot easier. So, I’m gonna shut up and try and count. So this is the spot at the broken lightning rod tower.

Ignoring that Qactuar Ghost. Alright, let’s see if we can get this done. Every time we go into that crater it should flash lightning. Their’s ten! Dammit. Alright so, that’s a prime example of how tough this will be. Alright, let’s take two. Alright, god dammit. This time, let’s go! Their’s ten, It’s more just getting to the rhythm of it and waiting for that flash. Twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty. Awe no, oh my god that is so tough. Awe so, we got like sixty-nine. My heart was slowly starting to pound and my hands were getting sweaty there. Oh man, let’s give this another try. Ah, excuse me. That’s ten on take three or four. I don’t know if that Qactuar Ghost is distracting me or not but, It’s kinda cool. That’s thirty. I think the trick is, wait till you actually get in the crater before you press it. Regardless of the flash because It’s always gonna go off. Fifty: sixty; seventy; eighty; ninety; that’s one hundred (OMG). Time for a hundred more. Awe, I almost wrecked that. One hundred and ten. One hundred and twenty. One hundred and thirty. One hundred and forty. One hundred and fifty. One hundred and sixty. One hundred and seventy. One hundred and eighty. One hundred and ninety, almost wrecked it. One hundred and ninety-nine, two hundred.

I’m gonna do a few more just to be safe, cause I may have messed that up. Thank god. I’m very surprised I got it that quick. It’s like when you get to the two hundred mark whether you know you got it or not. You just feel the need to basically keep going. You just wanna make sure. Once we do like five more. Now that the stress is off, I could probably do a heap. C’mon Mr. Qactuar Ghost, come dodge the lightning with me. There, that should be enough. Let’s try and dodge lightning on the way as well. Okay alright, let’s see what we got in this chest. “Even several bouts of electrocution won’t keep you down! For your admirable display of courage, the Bilghen Memorial Travel Agency confers upon you the fighting Spirit Award.” Okay, got the Elixir! We’re gonna have to just keep getting the items before we get to the two hundred. Obtained two X-Potion! Obtained two Mega-Potion! Obtained two MP Sphere! Obtained three Strength Sphere, cool! Obtained three HP Sphere! Obtained four Megalixir and did we get it? Just got the ‘Lightning Dancer’ trophy! Amazing, you dodged two hundred lightning bolts in a row. The Bilghen Memorial Travel Agency presents the Venus Sigil Key Item. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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