Final Fantasy X – ZANARKAND RUINS DOME THE BEYOND (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 101


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and first episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Let’s go see Lady Yunalesca. Hold on! Way to get everyone jacked up there Auron. Alright so, hopefully, before the end of the fight we can get Yuna’s Overdrive Gauge full. But, I will see how that plays out. Easier said than done. That’s all the characters rotated. Ah, there’s gonna be three phases in this battle. There goes the first phase. So, pretty sure that we might have to be using Holy Water’s because, Esuna doesn’t work on Zombie I’m sure. We’ll just try Esuna anyway, just to make sure. Yeah, didn’t think so. Alright, I think it might be time to unleash some Overdrive’s! Starting with Auron’s Bushido Tornado. Then, Wakka’s Attack Reels. Hopefully, we can get all the two hits, yes!

Punish Yunalesca there Wakka. Tidus uses Swordplay Spiral Cut. Kimahri uses Ronso Rage Thrust Kick. Alright, we need Lulu’s Blizzaga Fury. Oh whoops! Forgot I had Reflect. Awe, that was bad! Alright, let’s just summon in Valefor. God dammit. Rikku, Mix us a strong Bomb Core Firestorm. Down goes Yunalesca’s second phase. So, that would have wiped out the whole party but we had Zombie luckily, that um, Mega Death attack by Yunalesca. Alright, Yuna’s Overdrive’s Gauge is full. It’s what we wanted but, It’s too early yet. So, let’s get out Tidus. Ho ho. Huh? I don’t know what I did then. So, I guess we wanna definitely keep some of the party with Zombie effect. Otherwise, that Mega Death will get us. Alright, let’s start summoning in some Aeon’s, It’s our only hope. Take it easy on Ifrit there Yunalesca.

At least let him have an Overdrive attack. It’s not looking promising. Awe alright, down goes Ifrit. Ixion unleash your Thor’s Hammer please. Do some damage, we’re desperate here. Alright, do you survive? No, we don’t. So, Yuna’s out of ‘MP’ and she summon’s in Shiva, and straight into a Diamond Dust attack. Shiva has fallen. We might get lucky here. We’ve whittled down Yunalesca’s health probably enough almost. Hmm, has she applied Darkness has she? No, just missing. Awe, that’s so unfortunate them attacks missed. We really needed it to land. C’mon! If you land, yes alright. We’re gonna Grand Summon in Bahamut. I feel like it should be enough to Mega Flare Yunalesca into the depths of hell. I’m very surprised I managed to pull this off first attempt.

Maybe not the best strategy but, we got there in the end, that’s what really matters. Yes! ‘Overcoming The Past’ trophy earned! I think I only just got that too, then. Yes, that’s satisfying. Two Level Three Key Sphere’s dropped from Yunalesca, very nice. Thank god we can go back this way, I thought I may have locked us out. Ha so, we wanna grab a Key Item in a chest before we head out. If we can find it. And it should be the Sun Crest! Huh, where is it? Awe right their. It’s hard to see on my monitor, It’s very dark. In this chest contains the Sun Crest and yeah, that was a tough battle but, we got it done. It may not have been the most prettiest and strategic, but that’s okay. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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