Final Fantasy X – MOONFLOW SOUTH WHARF (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 034


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the thirty-fourth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So that guys moved, we can access this chest now. And it has a Switch Hitter in it. But, It’s not worth keeping, we have a T.K.O. for Wakka. So, let’s just sell it. As you can see, It’s got more Strength than the T.K.O. but, the ability Stonetouch is pretty good. Very true Lulu. Where is she? Where’s lady Yuna? Is she in the Temple of Djose. Be well Gatta. There she is, having a rest I think. Is that her? Slow down Yuna, no rush. Just make sure that we got everything. Yeah, looks fine. Obtained Halberd, thank you. Sounds like a weapon for Kimahri. Obtained Hi-Potion times two, from that bald monk looking NPC. What are these little creatures running about? We just acquired ten Potion from that guy, the Crusader. So now, so now we’ve unlocked this direction. But, I wanna see if I can go back to Djose Pilgrimage Road and try and encounter a Basilisk.

Because I forgot to use Lancet with Kimahri to learn a technique. So, might as well just do that now. We just Petrified our first enemy, that’s pretty cool. Yes we do. Hopefully, we can encounter a Basilisk quickly but, It’s experience none the less. There we go, Lancet. Kimahri has learned Stone Breath. Very nice ha. Pretty challenging them two Basilisk’s at once. Alright, let’s head to the Moonflow. Oh my god, okay. Let’s try Sleep Attack, looks like it failed. Alright, new area. Whoops, forgot about the T.K.O. Obtained Level One Key Sphere, three of them. That’s a pretty good find Shelinda. Thanks for your wise words there Shelinda. You can see just how devastating that T.K.O. can be against the weaker fiends. Who’s that up ahead there? Stolen two Antarctic Wind off the Snow Flan. Ha ha ha. I love the sound of Yenke and Biran’s voice, It’s hilarious. This chest has a X-Potion in it. Oh okay, let’s ah, put this Ochu to Sleep.

We’re trying not to do physical attacks to keep it asleep. But now, if we get lucky with a T.K.O., there we go. What does this chest contain? Any three Level One Key Sphere. That’s quite amazing, we got six of em’. Let’s Fire the crap outta this Ochu! We might hold off. Can we get a T.K.O.? What is Belgemine doing here? Yuna will fight! And yes, we needed that. That’s a nice looking Ixion there Belgemine. So, I might Grand Summon Ifrit for the first time. We’ll get the full scene being our first summon. And then, it should be shortened from there on out. Straight into a Hellfire! Wowza, did that just happen. We just took like five attacks/six attacks. Let’s heal Ifrit with Fire. Oh no, Awe! How lucky, sixty-two ‘HP’. Straight into another Hellfire! Obtained two Dragon Scale from Belgemine for winning the battle of Aeon’s. And, obtained Summoner’s Soul! Well that’s cool, we got the Summoner’s Soul. Which we can now upgrade our Aeon’s with attacks and like healing spells and stuff.

As long as we have the sufficient items. You can see the stats and the Special Attack/Overdrive. Abilities so, we can teach technically Valefor, Extract Power or any of these white coloured text, not the grey, if we wanted to. But, there’s no rush. We’ll figure that out later. Let’s proceed, we may need to heal up, yep. Another secret chest obtaining a Magic Defence Sphere for the Sphere Grid. Another cool item. You gotta love that. Oh, there’s a chest containing two Phoenix Down. And, there’s merry old O’aka. Alright, let’s have a quick look to see if we got any Weapon’s or Armour we wanna change. Might as well have the Soft Shield equipped for Tidus. Poisontouch, I think Stonetouch is far better. Still a good Blitzball. Might equip the Shimmering Blade. Awe that’s nice, the Halberd. But, we’ll stick with the Hunter’s Spear. Alright, let’s sell our Weapon’s and Armour. Ha okay so, there’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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