Final Fantasy X – CALM LANDS [CHOCOBO MINI-GAMES] (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 107


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventh episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. Right now, we’re gonna board the Fahrenheit Airship and get Cid to fly us over to the Calm Lands. And, we’ll be dropped off at the Rin’s Travel Agency there in the central area. Might even equip Wakka with the Rematch, finally start using it. And, sell any Weapons and Armour not needed. So now, we’re gonna do the Chocobo training mini-game and there’s three more to do. We’ve already done the first one which was the Wobbly Chocobo training course. Now, we’re gonna try the Dodger Chocobo and we have to dodge balls hurled at us. Let’s see how we fair. Okay, not very good. We’ll see how many attempts it takes for these. There we go, a bit better.

Clocked in at thirteen point seven seconds, two attempts. Now, we’re doing the Hyper Dodger Chocobo training course. So now, we got birds swooping us and balls. Oi! Go, your almost there, your almost there. Oh just, by one hundredth of a second, first attempt. Now, we have to race the Chocobo trainer. So, for the first course we got the Level One Key Sphere. For that, we just got a Level Two Key Sphere. And let’s see what we get for this one, the Catcher Chocobo training course. Alright so but, for this one we wanna actually finish at zero seconds, so we can get the trophy and for that, we gotta collect as many balloons and avoid getting hit by birds. So I would assume, this should take a few attempts. Awe this guy, won’t even give me a balloon. That is incredibly difficult. There we go, that’s a better bit of luck and missed an easy one.

Ah! It is so hard to get them balloons. Yeah, maybe the directional pad might be better. We were using the analog stick. Seems like you really need to get lucky at the start. If I got them first balloons, I may have been close then to zero seconds. Obtained Level Three Key Sphere. So we won the race. We got the ‘Chocobo License’ trophy. Still, we gotta shoot for zero seconds here. We’ll get another trophy. Ah ah, snake! These balloons make no sense, awe. Ah, this is the weirdest controls. Sometimes it just turns automatically for ya, like then. Unless It’s like stick drift. It’s intentionally going in to the bird. Dammit. Alright so, that would have been good if I got the initial ones, dammit. If I got some of them first ones I would have had it. Obtained Turbo Ether! Okay, I think I’ve worked out how to avoid birds.

Yes, yes that’s a great start. No! Yes. Oh, I don’t know. Should be about ten seconds. It feels like this might be a winner. Awe what! That one bird may have screwed us over. Awe, would have been out by two seconds. Another Turbo Ether. Awe man. I forgot how challenging this was. Yes, It’s good. No! Oh, that would have been close, two seconds! Awe, awe man, how torturous. Another Turbo Ether. Awe, how did I miss that? Awe, this is a definite throw away. Let’s get to the end. Ah go! Awe, that’s gotta be close. I think I might just be out. Oh, I think that’s it. Yes! Got it, ‘Chocobo Rider’ trophy! Obtained the Key Item Sun Sigil for Tidus. And, that’s another reason why we wanted to get zero seconds. Phew! That was fun. Alright, we’re gonna head over to the Remiem Temple. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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