Final Fantasy X – AUROCHS VS BEASTS [TOURNAMENT 1] (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 052


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the fifty-second episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, here we are in Besaid Village and what we’re gonna do now is participate in our first Blitzball game. But before so, let’s recruit this lady for our team. Vilucha, sign player. Let’s say, thirteen games for now. Recruiting players for Blitzball is completely optional. There are benefits in doing so but, you don’t necessarily need to, to um, get all the Reels for Wakka and his Sigil item (Key Item). But, it can sweeten the deal. So, we’ll head to Besaid Promontory and launch the Blitzball game feature. So, here we go. Play Blitzball!

So, being our first game, you can see that the Tournament is ah, greyed out. So we can’t do that yet. So, if you were to leave this and go back into it like three or four times it should appear. So, you don’t have to play League. You can go straight to the Tournament! Cause, we are only playing to unlock specific items, not for any pleasure purposes. And there we go, Tournament is now available, and as you can see there, first place: Attack Reels! Which is what we want. And, our opponent is Kilika Beasts. So let’s Blitz! Okay so, we got Ropp recruited and Vilucha. Vilucha has a nice Shot ability, fourteen. It’s better than Tidus’s at the moment so we’ll go Left-Forward, Right-Forward.

That’ll do. Ah, we’ll keep that activated. Wither Shot Three. Okay, let’s begin in this Blitzball. So again, Manual A Movement so we can have full control. I don’t think Formation is that important. And ‘Square’, to activate the action commands. Our first goal with Vilucha, who we just recruited. I don’t know how the ball ended up their but it did, we’ll take it. Two nil, Besaid Aurochs. Just a tip whilst I’m attacking, I don’t even look where I’m travelling. I just use the minimap to see where the positions of the enemy team is and our players. And Kilika score surprisingly, that could have been blocked. Oh, I’m gonna take a risk here, try the Jecht Shot. Ha ha, half-time, dammit. Hang on, I screwed that up. Let me try that one more time.

So, we’ll have Tidus and her, Ropp, Keepa. We put Ropp in Right-Defence. Well set the Nap Shot technique for Datto. Let the second half begin. Tidus and Vilucha got Poisoned at the same time! Let’s go for a regular shot, and Vilucha scores again. Quick shot for Vilucha. Awe no. Four/One, Besaid Aurochs are winning. Pretty safe to say we’ve won it at this stage. Ropp in action. Vilucha takes the shot and scores. Definitely a good play recruiting her. Times up! We’re the victors. Vilucha scored five goals, wow. Tidus would’ve had one but, the time ran out at half-time. Alright so, we’re gonna head back and end this. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. Hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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