Hello, the name is Benjamin Ward. Just your slightly above average Joe, who’s usually a competitive gamer, at least before this brands inception. I am particularly skilful at first person shooters, at least that’s what I tell myself. The Mission Questline website was created sometime ago, on the day of 27/SEPT/2023 to be precise and basically, it was created to support my YouTube channel as a sort of backbone strength of the venture. To my surprise, this idea/brand came into fruition real quick. Probably due to my previous dabbling in online business activities online. So basically, I jumped straight into developing this pathway and purchased our domain name address and begun branding both platforms.

The title – Mission Questline is pretty self-explanatory I think in general, it hints to the type of content that is published. This hobby/passion project of mine follows a simple rule. Play only mission and quest based video games and right now I think Rockstar Games are right up my alley because their missions are brilliant! They can be recorded in an easy to categorise/organise kind of way. Just the way I like it! Our YouTube channel: @missionquestline is an alternate location to view our archived game play footage. Albeit, you can find the same YouTube footage saved here within this site also. Ultimately, where you want to watch the gaming content is left open for you to decide.

It’s taken me 34 years to figure out, or at least accept the fact that I can easily spend the rest of my life documenting my own game play footage for myself, but more importantly, fans of our material. Amongst other life commitments of course. With endless hours put into video games throughout my life, there is no doubt gaming is infused within my mind and is without a doubt, my current hobby/borderline passion and I’m not embarrassed to admit it either. It’s true that gaming can be seen a form of escapism and I sometimes feel kinda bad about playing video games for longer hours than one typically should and then eventually come to thinking. Am I getting anywhere by gaming? But, that’s where this pleasure project will alleviate all of that internal suffering or doubt.

This is just the beginning of a new chapter to my lifestyle and I humbly start off armed with a PlayStation 5 (Generation 9) gaming console. With a 32″ Samsung Odyssey Neo G85B Curved QLED UHD Gaming Monitor. All I can say is that exciting and rewarding times are ahead for all parties involved. I appreciate your attention, your time and commitment in supporting Mission Questline during this exciting endeavour we are all apart of. Make sure to check this website out regularly, because I am always uploading new content and if you’re anything like me. There is no content more satisfying then some chilled out commentary, along with gnarly game play footage of popular titles across the various gaming console generations. Generation one consoles to infinity and beyond I say! What say you? friend!

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