Grand Theft Auto III – VIGILANTE ‘STAUNTON ISLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 070

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the seventieth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today we’re gonna participate in our third vehicle… Sorry, our final vehicle sub-mission in Staunton Island and right on time, we got exactly what we need. Thank you for that officer. Alright we’ll get rid of this wanted level. So this is ‘Vigilante‘. The goal here is to do twenty arrests in one take. With exception, if we need to change the vehicle that’s alright cause it doesn’t cut the mission off. And in doing so, by the time we reach ten, we should get our third bribe at every safehouse we’ve unlocked. And when, by the time we get to the twentieth we should have four bribes. The reason why I’ve divided these into twenty per episode is because for Vigilante you have to do twenty arrests in each ah, borough or island. Alright so, let’s get this guy. Not a good start I will say. Alright, we’re gonna have to go down here and meet this guy head on. Is that a Mafia Sentinel? Sure looks like it. Or is that just a Sentinel? Who knows? Yes, minus the star. Awe, don’t be diving. Get up. That was mayhem. Where are we? Alright, good. We gotta crazy cabbie. It looks like there sometimes when you take out a suspect you don’t get time for it, so maybe It’s every second or, or whatever sometimes or, always. Cause I don’t know if I got time added then. I’ll have to look it back at that. Cheeky bastard. Aye, ya, ya. Get away from that explosion.

The timer it just seems low. Looks like I pretty quickly, pretty quick ah apprehensions there. Looks like we got a Scooby Doo looking vehicle here. Surprisingly quick and tricky. Threat eliminated! Almost no time given. I wanna like try and get up to the three minute mark, that’s where I feel a lot safer. This guys in what a, forget what this is called. Esperanto maybe. Good looking car though. God damn It’s getting away quick. Which way are you going? Here we go. Okay, that just gave us four minutes. That’s what I needed. So, got plenty of ammunition so it looks like we won’t need to pay a visit at Ammu-Nation anytime soon. Plenty of Micro SMG or Uzi bullets. How ever you want to call it. Colombian Cartel vehicle. Oh nice, got himself out. What the hell! We just lost time. It was just at like four minutes and now It’s two minutes. How does that work? Awe, must be like time per, per the um suspect. If that’s the case, that’s less stress I guess maybe. Cause it was just a like four minutes. That’s two minutes taken away. That’s crazy. No, where am I going. Gotta cut this guy off, guy/gal. Awe no! Awe yes! What, what just happened. What the, has happened. Alright, there’s our third police bribe delivered. I don’t know what happened then but that was kinda cool. I’m definitely sorta close to being due for a vehicle swap. But that I’ll have to time right cause It’s tricky. Ah, ah Diablo Stallion. My kinda guy. This guy doesn’t wanna go down without a fight.

Just don’t take someone else’s car than we all good. Alright, we’re over half way now. This guy, where is he going? Aye, mister Colombian Cartel guy come back. I got a word with you. Alright, if I get the opportunity for a vehicle trade with another police car I’m gonna take it. Cause we’re over the ten apprehension mark. Yeah! Move out the way you Manana. Awe, two minutes. So It’s close by, makes sense. Try and the traffic to pin this guy in, maybe not. Plenty of time for this one ha ha. Looks like a quick vehicle we’re trying to get here. Maybe not, It’s hooting but. Final five with a fifteen-hundred dollar bonus. Okay, I really thought we may have needed a vehicle swap but, it sorta feels like I might get lucky here. But, I don’t want to jinx myself because chances are this will blow up sooner than later. That’s my prediction. I haven’t really found a good opportunity to do a vehicle swap yet but. Awe, this is not a good spot. This is where I will blow up. Jeebers, looks like he’s in an Idaho or a Stallion. Awe, that was close. Awe, really bus. Well this is, alright, this is my chance. Yes! Two minutes, we’re gonna quickly, perfect! Three stars too and we should have three bribes baby. Yeah look at that. Came in clutch time. That worked out perfect with two minutes twenty to get this guy.

Awe these Scooby Doo looking vehicles that seem to be technically capable to drive. Madman on the loose, construction site worker. Which way is he going? Coming towards us good, don’t turn. Ah whoa. It’s a quick one. Looks like an Infernus or a Cheetah. Two minutes, should be enough time. We’ll just god damn. Crap, this is a little tougher than I thought. Yeah, what you got to say about that? Perfect timed, perfectly timed. Quick one. But now we got three stars I’d say. Nah we’re fine. Alright so, two minutes to get our final suspect. Looks like he’s driving a Stinger. Who, come back hither. Which way are you going? Which way? Yep, yep yep. Yes! Howdy partner. Okay, ah. Alright, we just got our fourth bribe back at the safehouse, says we’ve unlocked. And that’s it for today so we’ll toggle off this mission. Twenty criminals killed. Look at that, four bribes at the safehouse that’s so cool. Aye, we got a bloody convoy of police vehicles here now. That’s funny. Whoa, what? I won’t be able to get in there to save it. Ha ha, wow. Let’s quickly save it before it glitches out. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Nah, nah! Alright, I’m gonna have to do something here. Did I just die? I just got trophy escape artist. Awe no, this is horrendous. What is happening? Oh my god, what a way to end it. Awe! And I’ll see you on the next episode.

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