Grand Theft Auto III – TWO-FACED TANNER (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 050

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the fiftieth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today we’re gonna do our final Asuka Kasen mission and I’ll have you know that this missions missable if you finish a different mission prior to this.

So make sure you get this one done first if you wanna experience all the game. It’s been a fun time working with the Yakuza and even with Asuka. ‘Two-Faced Tanner‘. Make him bleed, in which manner. We got a couple of different tools to use. So we’re at Kenji’s Casino.

Alright, looks like we’re doing a drive-by. Wow that was easy. Awe, but I didn’t realise we got three stars. Didn’t see that coming did you buddy. So that’s it for the main storyline with Asuka Kasen. Okay, let’s not go that way.

I must admit, I’ve noticed the cars here in Staunton Island are a bit more erratic and harder to predict compared to Portland Island. But, I don’t really know the streets that well yet so, that’s why I’m making a lot of little errors. Let’s take the elevator. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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