Grand Theft Auto III – THE THIEVES (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 008

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to our eighth episode and eighth video of this channel. I decided I’ll just continue doing the payphone missions. Um, and for that i’ll need to advance the time till 9 am. So I’ll save it once. Which should be enough by the time to get there. So we’ll save it over ‘The Crook’. Our previous mission. So seven-thirty, should be nine o’ clock by the time I get there I hope. Or close enough. So, we’ll continue with Marty Chonks cause I believe the other payphone missions aren’t active yet, which displays a blue blimp on the map.

And a payphone on it. So, we’ll head over to Joey. Cause the payphone was there. I can definitely notice how much darker the screen looks with the brightness turned down two more notches. Alright, so we got fifteen minutes. Hopefully you can activate whilst in It’s range. So I’ll stay in the car in case I have to move away and come back. There we go. ‘The Thieves‘. Thieves! Alright. Well we know where the cars located so we don’t have to get our car. Bit of sprint action. Alright, let’s go get these thieves. Taxi just lightly touched that computer bot and slayed him.

There they are. “Take them to the Bitch ‘N’ Dog Food Factory”. Do a quick U-ey. I like the way this car handles. A lot smoother than the last couple. I wonder how Marty Chonks is gonna make these two poor souls suffer. Oh my god don’t jump at me. Haha, no insurance for you. I don’t understand why this is so hard to activate. There we go. Alright. Sayonara! And that’s that. This time we’re not destroying the vehicle, where getting a paint job. I do like this car the way it handles so I get to store it fortunately. Pay ‘N’ Spray. Will we get a new colour or the same?

There we go. It’s like a maroon looking colour. But red, metallic looking. Oh so, It looks like we have to take this car back. So I can’t keep it. And that’s the mission passed. Two-thousand dollars. Dammit, I wanted to keep that car. Oh still get the Bobcat. So it didn’t despawn the Diablo last mission. Oh well. Alright. So, if we go this way. And that is ‘The Thieves’. Storing our Bobcat for next episode and before I save it. I’m being a little fussy here but I’m gonna increase the brightness by one notch and I’ll settle on that. And I’ll catch y’all on the next episode.

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