Grand Theft Auto III – THE CROOK: The Definitive Edition | Ep. 007

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the seventh episode and seventh, seventh mission of GTA III. Today i’m gonna be focusing on some payphone missions and for this, for this island, Portland Island. One of the phone missions are activated after 9 am. So, there still five/six hours until that happens. So I might quickly save it to advance the time. Cause it advances it by six hours I believe. So, just save over ‘The Fuzzball’. Now it’s after 9 am. So we’ll take our trusty old ride here. Diablo Stallion.

And let’s go start this mission, which should be over near Joey. Should be a payphone ringing. So we’ll head towards Joey. I might even quickly adjust some of the visual settings. Graphics. Gonna lower the brightness by two notches. So this mission isn’t necessary to finish the game, but if you want to get one-hundred percent game completion. This is one of the things you have to do. And I don’t necessarily want to get one-hundred percent game completion. But I might just try it anyway. So there’s the phone ringing. I don’t know where it is though, their it is! ‘The Crook‘.

Alrighty then. Let’s go pick up this guy. Bank manager. This vehicle’s sensitivity is quite high. Hmm, why can’t I get in there? What am I doing wrong here? There we go. Now we gotta destroy this car. Hide the evidence. I guess of the DNA in the vehicle. What else would it be. I also don’t want to lose my Diablo Stallion. So, I might have to take a trip back here. I should of looked to see if it was even there. I didn’t pay attention. May have despawned. Jesus. I could swear this beat to the song is the phone ringtone in GTA V. For at least one of the guys.

And looks like where gonna have our first, first vehicle crushed. Let’s watch this spectacle. And I got the trophy ‘Disposing Of The Evidence’. And that’s that. So now, time to go save the game. Looks like I’ve lost the Diablo Stallion. Which was bound to happen sooner than later. Sooner than I wanted. But, is what it is. Steal this car. Bobcat. And go back and save it. And theirs the Bobcat stored and that is ‘The Crook’. Our first payphone mission. I’ll catch you on the next episode.

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