Grand Theft Auto III – TAXI DRIVER ‘STAUNTON ISLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 068

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the sixty-eighth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today we’re gonna jump in our Landstalker here if it let’s us get in and head over to the multistorey car park complex where we just were recently. Reason being is that we’re gonna participate in our second act of this taxi driver. So this is our second act doing the vehicle sub-mission, previously in Portland. Now we’re gonna do Staunton Island. So let’s see how we go. ‘Taxi Driver‘. We need to fare thirty-three passengers. Liberty University in Liberty Campus. Again, I’ve clearly left this quite late cause there is hostility everywhere. Museum in Newport? Bolt Burgers in Bedford Point! All I can say is keep me the bloody hell away from hostile areas, which is not gonna happen of course. Ah, ideally we get this all in one take, without having to like change taxi. But the goal is thirty-three fares regardless. Construction site in Fort Staunton, that’s a bad spot to go. I wonder if um, hmm maybe. I’ll try that later. Awe, I’m not even gonna worry about picking up anyone here because It’s way too dangerous.

Jump in! Take your time don’t ya. Well, we’ll be paying a fair few visits here if we’re in that area, the construction site. There’s literally too big of time discrepancy there going into that Pay ‘N’ Spray, compared to Portland Islands. Ain’t good, so we wanna minimise having to go to the Pay ‘N’ Spray. The Casino in Torrington? Yeah, Kenji’s casino. Shopping mall in Belleville Park area, taking on the traffic head on. Oh, oh that’s a bad area, jump out! Jump in before we get jacked. I hate going down this spot around here for this taxi driver mission. Actually no, this ain’t to bad here. There’s the cops their. Museum in Newport. I like how this game references a lot of American like, cities and towns et cetera. I must admit, America have some pretty cool sounding ah, cities and states. Some of the best in the world I reckon. Great we got a bloody wanted star. Bolt Burgers! Don’t scare my passenger even though he’s a gang member. I think this taxi mission in Staunton Island is a bit better than Portland Island’s. I’m enjoying it a lot more. Jump in love. The Park! Oh, right in the park hey? Let’s not roll it.

You’re joke! That was disgusting. Surely I’m due for a pit stop at Pay ‘N’ Spray soon. Gotta remember to go there if I’m near it. Jeebers. Jeebers! What was that? Yeah, let’s go to a different person. Yep, son of a gun. Look for a fare? Didn’t it just say to go and get repaired. Yeah, ah that’s so annoying. Oh my god. That takes way too much time to get to this. Jump in buddy even though you’re gang member. Don’t scare my passenger. C’mon, ah. Awe that sucks. Keep me away from this area. Awe, nice and close. Awe, let’s get him. C’mon in! Where to boss? Yeah, not a good spot to come along. I’ll remember that. Where have I just gone? Get in lickety-split. Awe, don’t scare my guy. Ten to go. Sorry about that pedestrians I had to do that. Stuff getting pulled out now. Surely I’m due for a Pay ‘N’ Spray stop. That being said, I’m just gonna go there now, get it out the way. Stay in the car. Hmm no, yes. Still got some nice time there. I think we may have this, provided I don’t get blown up or pulled out the car by a gang member.

Quick, not a good spot. AmCo building in Torrington. Awe man. Jump in buddy. Taking you to the construction site? Or wherever you wanna go, blow your money at the casino. Looks like the casino is more important than working at your construction site. We’ll at least your not gang banging. Oh my god, get in there. The church in Bedford Point. Crazy taxi. Alright, let’s try and get these done before needing to go to the Pay ‘N’ Spray. It’s only two more. Sweet, nope. Nope, stay the hell away. No, what am I doing? Ah, wow that sucked. One more! Take me to the museum, AmCo building. We’ve clocked up plenty of time. There we go. Thirty-three fares in Staunton Island. So I’m gonna toggle off the sub-mission. Earned over fifty-thousand GTA dollars. And we’ll go head over to Staunton safehouse. What would’ve appeared only one gang was hostile. But, they had numbers in a certain area near the construction site. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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