Grand Theft Auto III – PUMP-ACTION PIMP (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 005

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to our fifth episode of GTA III. Get our trusty automobile. And off to see Luigi Goterelli. Excuse me lady. ‘Pump-Action Pimp‘. We’ll handle this business. Alright, first things first. We’re gonna go to Ammu-Nation which is just there. Bit of chaos straight away. This guy’s not moving. Take a quick shortcut through here.

And we have our first firing arm. Let’s have a quick look in Ammu-Nation. Go inside Ammu-Nation to buy a weapon. This guys definitely on something and looks like I can’t buy any weapons yet. It’s good to know. Fortunately we got a free weapon. And off we go to find these pimps. Ohh wow. Alright, where we going? Okay over there. Looks like the pimp is on the move, so he must be in a vehicle, yep okay.

How are we gonna handle this? Sorry traffic. Might have to pull up in front of this car. So there’s no route for escape. Okay. Woah. Oh look at that he just killed himself. Wow. Ahh hang on. And that’s that. Quick mission. And we get to take his ride with a nice paint job. The pistol is now in stock at Ammu-Nation! Alright. Off to our safe house.

Sorry about that but you walked straight into me. And this definitely looks like a car worth saving. I wonder how long we manage to keep this for. This bad boy. And that was a quick episode folks. Put our weapon away. So we got a pistol, micro SMG and a baseball bat. And unarmed. I’ll catch you guys on the next episode.

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