Grand Theft Auto III – LAST REQUESTS (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 043



Hello and welcome back to the forty-third episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today is a good day because it is the very last storyline mission in Portland. Before we get to head over to Staunton Island, we must complete it. But, once that’s even done, I wanna come back here anyway and do at least, what’s that say? Great rates paid for new and used emergency vehicles, bring them to the crane in north-east of Portland Harbor.

Yeah so, what I was saying was. Once we complete this last final Salvatore Leone mission. I wanna return back to Portland and do at least two more things that’s needed to be done. Ahem, sorry, excuse me. Before we officially progress through the game in Staunton Island. Still got our Cartel vehicle. ‘Last Requests‘. Let’s go get rid of the evidence. Excuse me, let’s go get rid of the evidence of this vehicle with brains in it. Cartel Cruiser! This is Maria. The car’s a trap! Meet me at the slip south of Callahan Bridge.

Oh the betrayal. It was only yesterday you were saying you would make me a made man Salvatore. Now you wanna betray me like this. After all that work we done for you. A what? Cool we get to drive a Reefer. Staunton Island baby! Just got the trophy a marked man. Twenty-thousand dollars, that was quite the quick mission. It’s not a blockbuster of a mission for the final one for Portland but we’ll take it. Okay so, we now have a safehouse in Staunton Island over there. But, we’re gonna go back to our ah, Portland safehouse.

Because we still got some unfinished business over there. And now, we’re gonna have hostile mafia towards us so it should be interesting. Ah, hang on, yep. Ah, It’s nice to be over here though. Seems like It’s been forever. So, when you try and complete everything prior to advancing to the next island It’s ah, a long time. At least at the rate I’m playing this game. Typical Triad’s. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next one.

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