Grand Theft Auto III – HIDDEN PACKAGES ‘STAUNTON ISLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 086

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eighty-sixth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. So, today we’re gonna be searching for the thirty-five hidden packages scattered throughout Staunton Island. We’re going to be trading up this Banshee for two emergency vehicles at some point to help with one or so packages and I’m not gonna be in a rush either for this episode, just like Portland Island packages because, I like to take in the scenery, show off awesome Staunton Island to you guys. So without further ado. ‘Hidden Package‘ thirty-four. Thirty-four to go. Up these stairs. Might as well grab some body armour while we’re here. Might come in handy. Watch out for the hostile gangs here. You might get lucky. On top of this little mini bridge thing, you can run up. See the package up there. We got beautiful Portland Island over there. This is where we’re gonna swap up the vehicle for a paramedic ambulance. Farewell Banshee. See the package up there. Hidden package thirty-nine. My bad, we were meant to go down here, just remembered.

Hidden package forty and we’ve now unlocked the Shotgun icon back at every safehouse we’ve unlocked. Which’ll be nice to see. Use the vehicle here again to get in. This is where we rescued the oriental gentlemen for Donald Love. Watch out guy. Up here in the stadium there is one hidden. Just the side of Staunton Island fire station you’ll find one. It’s back here, whoops. Got a little ahead of myself there. There’s one down their as you can see so let’s try and jump off here and land on our two wheels. Ah, four wheels I mean. Two wheels. Come into Belleville Park. As we see in the basketball courts just their. So the, by the end of this we should have three additional weapon icon unlocks, one being the body armour. Hidden package forty-nine. Right over here near the unique stunt jump. There’s our body armour unlocked. Got some gangs after us ah. Sounds like a Yardie. Get away from him. Hidden package fifty-two. So, this is where we’re gonna change vehicles to a police emergency vehicle. Ah look at that plane in the sky, so cool. Liberty City police department.

Need this police cruiser to gain access into their car yard or, whatever you wanna call it. Save some time. just jump down here. Okay, we’re changing vehicles. But, won’t need to do that just yet anyway. Have to go to both the docks around here to get a hidden package. That’s a Predator police boat. Might as well just stay on foot here. Ah, nah just in case we wanna keep this Banshee. Here’s the other section where the docks are, up here. Almost about to approach midnight GTA time. So peaceful out here on the docks. Hidden package fifty-five. Can see a light house out there. What’re y’all doing? Take this little shortcut. Here at Kenji’s casino that’s now deceased. Mr. Kenji Kasen. Unfortunately, Donald Love hired us to do the dirty work. Asuka and that assumes that it was the Colombian Cartel because of our Cartel Cruiser. It was a good disguise. Hidden package fifty-six. Almost there. Ah I’m, surrounded by people. Just over here there’s like a little dock bit. Oh that was close. Careful of that, you can go around. Hidden package fifty-nine. Let me just soak up the view here. Awe, look at that incoming plane. That’s cool.

See I could have just driven down here but I thought I’d save some time. Package number sixty. Let’s try that again. Alright, we’re just gonna try and launch off here now. Pretty easy with this vehicle. Hidden package sixty-three. Jump in this Karuma. Hidden package sixty-four, almost home. Okay that didn’t work. Okay, maybe just ram through that glass. Maybe just come straight through here. At the AmCo building. And if you remember where we done the rampage icon that we had to sniper rifle, I think it was seventeen Yardie heads we had to pop. Up here is the final hidden package. This is obviously a flight or so higher. Where was it again? I think it was at the very top. There we go. Hidden package sixty-eight. And that’s it I guess. We’ve now unlocked three new weapon icons. I don’t know if you’d call body armour a weapon. But, It’s gonna come in handy regardless. So now we’ll head back to our safehouse in Staunton Island. I think um, that’s still equipped from last episode. Let me toggle that off. As you can see over here theirs our body armour, Molotov Cocktail and Shotgun that we unlocked. So now we got all these items, yay. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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