Grand Theft Auto III – HIDDEN PACKAGES ‘PORTLAND’ (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 045

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the forty-fifth episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. And today we’re gonna astray, go astray from, or stray away from ah, the main storyline temporarily, because we still yet need to collect the ‘thirty-three hidden packages‘ scattered throughout the Portland area. The reason why we left this till now is purely because two of the packages are inaccessible until Staunton Island is unlocked. So it makes sense now to do it, at least in my mind. So, today’s not really a rush kinda episode. We’re just gonna take our time, take in the scenery a lot. Get to appreciate the cool design of this game, of Liberty City. So sit back, grab a cup of Joe and enjoy this episode. Hidden package number one. Hidden package two. It’s coming on to sunset soon. Pretty well hidden package up here. I wonder what El Burro’s up to. I wonder if he wants us to hit up the Turismo track again. See if we can beat our time. That’s neither here nor there. Hidden package three. It’s not as important for this type of play-through. If you come across here, if you see straight through that little gap there in the trees, you can see a light under a hidden package. Hidden package four. Might even take the um, the train in the subway over to Staunton Island near the end of the episode. I did say on the ah, grenade rampage that I was thinking about taking a train so it makes sense to do it now. Hidden package five. Perfect time to take a train. Through one of Liberty’s tunnels. Ah, where are we? Head over to Luigi Goterelli’s club. Wassup Luigi. I think this was his club. Unless there’s not a door their. Unless that’s it there, yep. Hidden package six. Bit of road rage down their. Slalom baby. Hidden package seven. I might just have to jump off here to save a bit of time. Only took two damage. Come up this stairwell. Hidden package eight. Let’s go to our Yakuza Stinger. See ya later Luigi. No we’re not taking a train yet. See if we can make it before a train comes, runs us down. Theirs a train. We’ll see if we can narrowly escape this incoming train. Got some flamethrower ammunition, nice. Ah, hidden package nine. Hopefully our stinger’s still there. Na, despawned dammit. Well, let’s look for a, let’s get that. Just a regular Stallion, nice two tone colour looking. Is he coming after us? Na. It’s a shootout. Pretty well hidden package number ten. Got our first floating weapon icon stored at every accessible safehouse. Well have three unlocked after today. Test your balancing skills and your parkour impact jump. Not good, we fumbled! Hidden package eleven. Jump in this Bobcat. Let’s just like wait here a sec so Claude can cut the alarm in case there’s a copper coming. Come on mate! That’ll do. That should hit it. Alright, we’re safe. Up here. Pretty sneaky spot for a hidden package. Hidden package twelve. Where we done the Mafia rampage with the AK-47 is our next hidden package location. Just over a little bit though. Ah, It’s not this little passage way here, that’s where we found the rampage icon. It’s up here, go through that little bit maybe, I’ll just come here. The large opening. No we couldn’t have went through their, there’s a wall their. Also, hidden package thirteen, we get some micro SMG clips. Holster that. Awe, right now we’re playing with fire. Last episode or two Salvatore Leone tried to off us out to the Colombian Cartel. Fortunately his women Maria looked after us and saved us. Kept us outta harms way.

Gonna have to whip out the flamethrower in case we need to firebomb him if he comes out with a squadron of Mafia. Flamethrower. He’s not there. Hidden package fourteen. The night sky with the city lights. Pretty cool. Straight across here there’s like a roof jump. You don’t have to go fast. Hidden package fifteen. Almost pancaked it on our top end. Head down here to the Easy Credit Autos yard. Hidden package sixteen. Head around Eightballs Autoyard. Let’s test this Bobcat’s off-roading capability. Surely it won’t stack up to the Patriot. Eh, not to bad there. Hidden package seventeen. We’re approaching dawn. See if we can make it up here. Ah, It’s a bad angle. Come on you got it! Put it into bloody four wheel drive mode. Barely, It’s definitely no Patriot. That’s a nice morning view. This next hidden package location is pretty well hidden to be honest. And It’s surrounded by four homeless people with Molotov cocktails plotting something against the city I reckon. What’s your plans, what are youse plotting? Try not to hit em’. Let’s not disturb these guys. They’re already in the lowest of the low in Liberty City. Hidden package eighteen. Did you hear that explosion? I don’t know what that was. Okay, I’m wedged between two bloody NPC’s. Can’t move. We can get there slowly. There we go. We got there. Hidden package nineteen. We’ll change up the vehicle, let’s get this Idaho. We haven’t driven it that often, if at all, can’t remember. Ah Supa Save. You seem never to be open when I taxi fare passengers there. They always wanna leave immediately. You need to fix your business hours up. The next hidden package is where we meet ah, Claude and Eightball, took out the Colombian Cartel’s drug manufacturing frigate. It seems like, either It’s respawned or It’s another frigate in town. It’s one of the better missions I reckon in the game. It seems like the finale mission for Portland Island. If that’s such a thing. Got some crane operation. Look how high that is. There’s a little one their. Cool. As you can see there, we got a leap of faith here. So we’ll test your parkour ability. Make sure you sprint. There we go. That looks like It’s near impossible to get across. That’s huge. Hidden package twenty and we now have the floating icon Uzi delivered every hideout available, which is cool. Get the Perennial. Usually got some swag music playing. Good old red light. Hidden package twenty-one. Pretty well hidden, hidden package over this way. Oh and look at that, we got our first pretty much body armour within this game series which is nice, we’ll probably need it to when we’re in the Triad area. So yeah, came in clutch time. Hidden package twenty-two, getting there. Um, we’ll be back over here later to. Over where the Triad fish market was. There’s one in there. What does that say? Liberty City Sawmills, cool. Hidden package twenty-three. Ten remain. Alright so, we’re sorta near Triad’s, so let’s be careful here. Let’s scope out what vehicle we wanna take. Just a taxi. This will do, it might disguise us. Awe he’s after us. Let’s see if we can get away from him, oh, oh, oh, wait, wait, wait. wait. Laugh if he gets to the taxi and drives away. Can’t even get up here. Might have to move it over a little more. Bloody bonnet’s all damaged. There we go. Hidden package twenty-four. Can we get over that? Who cares, we’ll just jump over this way. Save a bit of time. Just here you just barge this fence down. There you go. Hidden package twenty-five. Yeah Joey Leone, I wonder if he’s in shop. Do you remember where Marty Chonks missions were on the payphone missions?

We go into his little shop warehouse thing. Bitch ‘N’ Dog Food! His got one in here hidden, the sneaky guy. Hidden package twenty six. It’s always a pain to open that, trigger that. I haven’t got too many to remain which is nice. Let’s cut through this little. I just wonder if I should get health quickly. Maybe later. Ah, let me just remember where it is real quick. Um, yeah down Triad hell hole of course. Let’s go through this. Um, Where the ah, Triad Uzi rampage is. That’s where we need to be. Also, Trial By Fire is, you find the flamethrower just there. Yes, no Triad’s have followed us. Come up these stairs. Awe, that’s a good shot right there. Hidden package twenty-seven. Ah, what’s the best way of getting down. Let’s go back to where the taxi is. Ah, come around here. Preserve some armour. Whoa crap. I probably should’ve just ran into that. Alright, hidden package twenty-eight. Might have to waste a couple of Triad’s. Should we go that way? Yeah, might as well. Wait, we’re going the wrong way. Come down here. There’s health there. That’s what you get run over. Grab this health. Now we’re sorta safe. Hidden package twenty-nine. Whoa! Grab this. Get the hell outta dodge. Come on, chase me. Awe, there could be some here ready to pull me out. Stir up the Triad’s real quick. Come on. Alright, stuff it. There not coming. Got eh, now over a million dollars of GTA currency that’s pretty cool. Do you remember the episode that we done for Toni Cipriani? We levelled the Triad fishing front. Couple of the um, Triad warlords were hanging out here. Done some good work to it with the Trashmaster car bomb. Levelled this joint. Hidden package thirty and we’ve unlocked our third and final grenade pick-up from each safehouse unlocked for now. Until the next thirty odd we do at a later date. Alright so, we got one more remaining that’s accessible to get ah, prior to Staunton Islands unlocked. We’ll go this way. Ah, watch out, watch out, coming through, coming through. Anymore Triad’s? No, who cares. We’re done with the Triad’s. My bad, come this way, we’ll come back to that one later. So if you go on these train tracks here. We’ll go by foot. Might have to run cause It’s a bit of a distance. Nah, we’ll just jog regularly. Take in the sights. Ah, that’s cool and we’re hitting midnight in just a sec. We’ll be seeing you soon train. Over here. There’s that little roof down there. So, there’s like four or so floating icons up here, maybe five. There we go, there’s one, two, three. We don’t need more health. We’ll take some body armour though. We don’t need adrenaline. We’ll take some AK-47 ammunition and there’s hidden package thirty-one. So technically that’s all you can collect if your early in the game. Which still can come in handy, cause you unlock three ah, weapons at your safehouse so for sure that helps. So now, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna head over to the underground subway. Ah, which way? This way. Cut through this bit. Might get a few Triad after us. Over here somewhere if I remember correctly. Down here. Yeah I know you, here you’d be pissed off. Excuse me for swearing, I didn’t mean to. So this is normally blocked off with a barricade but we’ve unlocked Staunton Island. I can’t see. Bloody hell It’s dark.

Wait, where is it? I can’t see. Is it down here? Get some lighting down here. There’s hidden package thirty-two. Take the next train. Anyone coming? Badfellas. Pirates In Mens Pants. We’ll I heard a train but doesn’t look like It’s coming, oh there we go. Alright, taking the train for the first time. How cool. Chinatown train. Might take a minute or so. It’s a good scenic route. Quick way to get to Staunton Island. I wouldn’t say scenic route but It’s still cool regardless. Scenic tunnel. Here we are. So, if we were to take that train again I do believe it will take us over to Shoreside Vale. But, because we’re not yet done the missions of Staunton Island there will be a fence in the way. Which is still cool you get to go out there but I reckon. Alright so, now we are gonna head over near Asuka’s mission location. Jump in a reefer or something or a police boat. And this is the final hidden package for Portland. Awe, there’s a Yakuza Stinger. Looks like a Banshee that. Heck, we’re just gonna take a regular old cab. Alright we’re coming on to dawn. Nice way to finish the episode. Kenji’s Casino. Ah, let’s not wait behind that. Yeah, let’s just finish this one off now. No dilly-dallying. Where have I gone? I’ve gone way past it. Whoops I was just daydreaming lol. Bloody hell. Um, I know there’s a road that takes it down there, but I seem to be muddled. So here we go, we went way past it. Let’s go this way. You know what, there it is. No, that’s not it. You know what, stuff finding the road. Could’ve used the map a bit better but, let’s just jump straight off there. Look at that, there’s a hidden package but that’s for this episode. Alright, we’re just gonna go this way. Just gonna jump off the edge, save a bit of time. Where is it? I keep going pass it. Here it is. This will do. Off here. That’s one way to get down. The police boat, but. Should we take it? Will we get a wanted level star? Nope seems alright. So, just here on this big rock mound. Pretty secretive location if you don’t know about it. Okay, we don’t wanna fall in the water here after all that so let’s just play this safe, come right up there. Awe no. Oh, I almost fell backwards into the water, Jesus. There we go, hidden package thirty-three of one-hundred. Those are all the hidden packages within the Portland district. So now, we’ll head back over to those docks we got this police vehicle. Head over to our safehouse at Staunton Island and then back to the main storyline for a short while. Awe man, could you imagine if I fell in the water here. I don’t like this at all, I’m gonna come over this side. I mean even if I did, It’s not the end of the world. I’ll just probably lose all my weapons which I don’t want. We’ll just come over this side, it might help. Reverse it in. Alright, it should be good enough. Who, who, who damn that was scary. Alright, so we’re gonna go visit our Staunton Island safehouse for the first time. And I’d imagine we’ll have three new gun icons sitting there, which will be cool to see. From them thirty packages, or thirty-three we picked up but you only need thirty as I said. Got a whole new area to learn. Down here by looks of it. There’s our three weapon items we unlocked. We got a grenade, pistol and uzi, also known as a micro SMG. So let’s store this taxi. Get some repairs on that while we rest. So, I hope you enjoyed this long episode. I hope I helped you guys and I’ll see you on the next.

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