Grand Theft Auto III – GIVE ME LIBERTY (4K) Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 001

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Transcript: Hello and welcome to Rockstar Games. Today I will be playing Grand Theft Auto III from the definitive edition, on PS4. I did recently play this game and completed majority of the main storyline, missed all phone missions etcetera. So, I decided i’ll make the most of the opportunity, comeback and create a channel. So here we go, let’s see how it goes. I love this music and intro, so cool. Grand Theft Auto 3 The Definitive Edition.

Alright, before we get started I might jump into the options and set up my settings to my preference. Actually, it looks like I already set it so its already to go. Yep. Alright. Let’s waste no time and jump straight into it. Diablos. Awe this is gonna be enjoyable. Liberty City Bank. Liberty Tree “News That Smells Great”. Excuse me. Let’s get outta here. And just like that we’ve lost all connection to, across the bridge, for now. I did notice for this game its quite dark at night time so I hope so hopefully, when the video is uploaded it’s viewable. And our first mission ‘Give Me Liberty‘. Which is very short. No better way than to start this way, nice and short. Accelerate R2. I think for the most part i’ll drive carefully. Unless i’m getting chased by a gang, police et cetera. Than i’ll have to gun it.

Use the radar to see what’s going on, where i’m going. L2 to brake and reverse if stopped. R1 to handbrake. Let’s give that a quick whirl. Little handbrake, ay. Ooopbadoopadoo. We won’t be following the road rules to the tee. If there’s a red light and there’s no cars in the way I might just continue on. And I do believe that’s about it, this is the first mission done. So the end of every mission i’ll save it and i’ll end the video on that note, to keep it a bit organised. And I know where i’m at so. As explained i’ll go over and save it. Reread this. Walk through the door way to save the game.

You cannot save during a mission, noted. And, Any vehicle left in this garage will be stored when the game is saved. Okay. Well since i’ll be saving it after ever mission i’ll be able to save any decent cars which will be good. And on that bombshell, we’ll save the game. Wait! How do I save it. Did I save it? Why can’t I save it yet? Hmm. Well for this one I guess i’ll just end it here cause I thought I could of saved it. So, i’ll pause it and then i’ll see you in the next episode.

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