Grand Theft Auto III – ESCORT SERVICE (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 082



Hello and welcome back to the eighty-second episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. So, we’ll jump in Asuka’s Yakuza Stinger that we borrowed from the Construction Site and head over to Donald Love. He’s on the radio right now. One thirty in the morning ‘Escort Service‘. Okay, ready guy? Alright, I might jump in this vehicle here because I feel like I might have to like be smashing into cars.

What is this by the way? It is a Flatbed. I feel like I need some armour for this particular mission. This thing is massive Flatbed. Oh, there we go Colombian Cartel. Awe, not a great deal of acceleration though. It’s already taken a ton of damage. That sucks! Alright, here they come. Oh what, I think this Cartel Cruiser’s giving this a bit of a boost. It’s not causing damage so we’ll just leave it like that aha, for now.

Awe whoa, it exploded. I don’t know if that Securicar can handle too much more damage. Are we turning in here? I don’t know, probably. We turning guy? Yep, any roadblocks up here. I should go ahead. Someone there as well. Oh crap, we’re not going to the airport. I thought we were going to the airport. Oh no, slow down guy. Awe, oh no. This can’t be good. Holy, oh no. Look at that damage meter. Have we made it? C’mon, don’t blow up now guy. Yes, oh my god.

Barely, that’s sick. I’m happy about that. Get to the payphone in Wichita Gardens and we’ll talk business. Oh we’ll take this Rumpo back over to Staunton Island safehouse. Just double check we’re going the right way. Yep, looks like we’ve activated the Shoreside Vale optional payphone mission. That red phone icon on the mini-map. We’ll get around to that at some point. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next.

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