Grand Theft Auto III – DECOY (4K) The Definitive Edition | Episode ~ 083

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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eighty-third episode of this GTA III The Definitive Edition video game series. Gonna drive our Rumpo over to Donald Love. I think the white Rumpo is the best looking I’ve seen so far. Definitely suits this vehicle. This is ‘Decoy‘. Alright, looks like we’re going back to Shoreside Vale. And the bridge is lifting. Will we make it? Alright, so we’re approaching the location. Oh, look at that. Police are ready. We’ll take a look at the map. Yeah, I got an idea here.

I’m gonna try and head over to the Shoreside Vale safehouse. Cause I imagine. There will be four stars ah, four bribes their if I can survive. Alright so, first time we’ve got six stars. won’t be the last. Oh so there’s a timer, I wonder if ah, police bribes even work. We can try. Alright, we’re approaching half damage. So we’ll at least make it there but I don’t know if there’s any bribes available to use. Looks like there is. Does it work though for a mission like this? No it don’t. That was worth a shot. Alright well, maybe if we just hangout here and keep circling this building it might be a little strategy that will work.

Let that guy push us, I’m not even accelerating right now. He’s just ramming into us. That’s the way, jump over there. Stay outta my direction. That chopper’s on our tail, but going around this building is definitely helping. Thirty seconds, we got this. I’m not even accelerating hey, It’s just pushing me the police vehicle, so cool. Causing next to no damage. Alright, breakaway. There we have it. Looks like we’re taking the long way back around. Decoy can be so difficult depending on where you sorta stick around. That seemed to work fine. That was my first attempt at it.

Time to head back to Staunton Island safehouse. Ah that lift is raising, let’s just take this easy. Imagine playing a whole game using only this camera angle driving. That’d be pretty cool for someone to do, that was very good at it. Looks like we’re storing the Securicar if it let’s us. Hmm, I wonder if you can like store a paramedic car vehicle in their. Cause it looks like there’s enough room to. I know over at Portland It’s hard or can’t do it cause It’s too small. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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