Final Fantasy X – MONSTER CREATION [IRONCLAD] (4K) Save Sphere 30: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 175


Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and seventy-fifth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. And we’ll switch Kimahri in for Lulu and we’re gonna challenge our twenty-eighth Monster Creation from the Species Conquest List and It’s actually the final here. And that’s the Ironclad! So, we might quickly use Auron’s Banishing Blade and we’ll need to switch in Tidus’s and Wakka’s Celestial Weapon. Alright Wakka, Attack Reels this fiend. Oh, It’s got some HP. Hmm, ah no. Auron you can Entrust it, awe he can’t, he’s lost it as well. Alright, we’re gonna have to hack away here. There we go, down goes the twenty-eighth creation Ironclad and It’s good for two HP Sphere.

So, let’s begin today’s farming, and we ran out of Power and Ability Sphere’s last episode so, that’ll be the first thing we get. Wakka uses a Power Distiller. Forty Power Sphere! Ability Distiller by Kimahri. Oh my gawd, less than ten thousand damage. We’re gonna have to do that again and there’s our forty Ability Sphere. Let’s get two Fortune Sphere from this Earth Eater. Let’s actually equip Kimahri’s Triple AP Weapon if we get a chance. The Berserker, I know it looks the same but pretty sure it isn’t equipped. Two Fortune Sphere. Now, we’re gonna switch Kimahri out for Lulu. We’ll do some Sphere Power Levelling fighting the Don Tonberry, getting those level’s.

I think I’ve figured out, obviously It’s not new news but, all we gotta do is get the one attack in with each character and then let Don Tonberry move. Then re-attack it with each character to be more efficient with it. It’s taken this long for it to click in when trying to get the Comrade AP absorption. Normally I’d just be hitting away multiple times within a turn, but I don’t think that’s the case. So now, we’ll just skip the characters and attack again. So, we’ll do that again. I didn’t see ah, anyway. Yeah, he wasn’t taking that much damage, that’s what it was, Auron. That’s alright, It’s good enough. It would have been more AP if Tidus was there instead of Auron.

Cause he’s getting like nine hundred and fifty-thousand damage as well, right up there! We have our ninety-nine Sphere Level’s for Lulu. We’ll restock Phoenix Down and even sell our Weapon’s and Armor collected. Making sure we don’t sell the wrong Item! We’re gonna jump straight into Sphere Grid. A couple of level’s there for Kimahri. Oh that is horrendous, we’re gonna quickly change that. Let’s quickly sort our Items automatically and Equipment. That way, the Sphere Grid is less painful! And we’re halfway through Lulu’s Sphere Level’s this session. So Lulu’s numerical statistics and overall Sphere Grid progression! So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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