Final Fantasy X – MI’IHEN HIGHROAD RIN TRAVEL AGENCY (4K) Save Sphere 2: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 024


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-fourth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, we’ve loaded in at the Mi’ihen Highroad Agency. There’s Shelinda. Welcome to Rin’s Travel Agency. Um, got any items? Awe yeah, we’re good for now. So, I’m gonna actually have a look at our equipment and make any necessary changes to get better performance with our characters in battle. So, Lulu’s got a Seeker’s Bangle. We’ll change that to an Echo Ring for Yuna. And, definitely wanna use that Hunter’s Spear cause It has three abilities. We’ll just keep that, keep that okay. Why so vein Spira?

Awe, Tidus is taking another nap. First thing we wanna do is recruit Ropp here for our Blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs. For about five games as a trial. Oh awe, obtained a Level One Key Sphere. We actually needed another one, so that works out well. We should be okay. What the hell. Cool, Rin just gave us an Al Bhed Primer Volume Eight. The ‘R’ letter in Al Bhed is now translated to ‘H’ in English. Obtained two Mega-Potion from Rin, thanks guy! Got anything else? Okay, that there’s the Al Bhed Compilation Sphere. But, we haven’t got data to transfer. Alright, where’s this fiend boss. That things hideous. Take that little bite.

Okay let’s ah, try and get the Fire Element here. Ah, oh my god. This Chocobo Eater is no joke. Let’s Spiral Cut it. Might actually quickly Extract Ability if it will let me. Okay let’s ah, get Lulu back out here. Perform Fury. Okay, that should be enough to maintain control I hope. And maybe, use Cheer once or twice. Awe, look at all them attack lineup, that’s heaps good. Ha cool, vanquished! Yes sir. Alright, I think we might take the Chocobo out for a spin. And what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna look for Chocobo Feathers on the Mi’ihen Highroad and the Old Road. I think there’s about three from memory. And then, we’ll head back to Rin’s Travel Agency.

Call it a day! Also, using Chocobo prevents fiend encounters. But, we wanna come back and actually do some to get experience. And, there’s the feather their, yellow feather. And then, it automatically allows you to jump outta bounds to a chest. Obtained Heat Lance. There’s one their. I think we may have missed one. We’ve already checked that one there so let’s have a look over here. Awe there! Obtained Thunder Blade and Scout in those two chests. So, that’s about all the use for the Chocobo in this section. Okay, there’s the Chocobo, thanks for the ride. So, there’s the ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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