Final Fantasy X – MACALANIA ANTECHAMBER (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 067


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the sixty-seventh episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. First things first, let’s speak to Tromell and Tromell gave us a Shell Targe. You thank us now Tromell, but soon enough. Okay, she’s gone to the Cloister of Trials without her guardians. Might as well equipped Rikku with that Shell Targe. With the Save Our Soul Shell Ability (SOS Shell). Far better than a regular Targe with no Ability. Let’s ah, search this little area. There’s a chest, obtained X-Potion times two. Another chest containing five-thousand Gil. Definitely curious to see what that’s all about. Seymour as a young child, tell me about that. What about Seymour as a young man? Seymour as a Monk. Seymour as a Summoner. Thank you for the invaluable information about Seymour.

Obtained Elixer from that nice person. What can you give me? An Ether. Found three Phoenix Down in that chest. This room is full of items. Anything else? It doesn’t appear so. She was chosen. Sorry there ginger cat. Here’s a chest and it has two Remedy. Obtained two Hi-Potion from that NPC. Never stand between a Ronso and a missing Yuna, ha. Well, let’s head down here, I believe It’s the Antechamber. Can’t talk to any of the guardians. Sheesh! So, Maester Seymour’s attacks are recurring. It’s always the same, one after the other. First It’s ah, a freeze spell, than a shock, water than fire. So, we can anticipate his attacks always. So, Nulfrost will prevent an ice attack. Also, we wanna steal with Kimahri and Rikku from these Guado Guardians to stop them from using Auto-Potion. So, that’s now disabled.

Also, we wanna get all the characters in battle. That way, we can get the max experience points. We’ll take out this guardian first. Let’s get Yuna back out here and Talk. Whoops, the wrong person. Stole a Turbo Ether from Seymour. Alright, time to now do NulTide and we’ll take out this guardian. I wonder if you can Steal again from Seymour, didn’t think so. Okay so, back to ice. Ha, I think we’re up to the water attack, we’ll find out, yep. Alright, time to force Seymour to summon um, his Aeon by halving his health. Alright, let’s summon Yuna’s new Aeon, which is unknown at the moment. And fortunately, Anima’s been nerfed for this fight. Otherwise, It’s usually incredibly strong. Let’s see if we can take Anima out with this Aeon alone. I reckon Anima’s one of the best looking Aeon’s in this game.

Oh, missed. Oh! So, we can heal this unknown Aeon using Blizzard or Blizzara on itself. Cause It’s an Ice Aeon. Now, we’re gonna unleash It’s Overdrive Diamond Dust! Fingers crossed it ends Anima. With an Overkill, very nice. We shall see. Okay, let’s see if we can take Seymour out now. We’ll take him out with an Overdrive. Performing Diamond Dust on Maester Seymour Guado. An Overkill, which is what you want because you get double experience and ah, items so. Two Black Magic Sphere’s, good reward, and some decent equipment. And, that Aeon we were using is called Shiva. We’ll use that default name. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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