Final Fantasy X – LUCA STADIUM MAIN GATE (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 021


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the twenty-first episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. No need. Anyone care for a game of Blitzball? Cause It’s time. I’m gonna change the Movement to Manual. Not too sure the Formation to use right now but. Okay, how do I shoot again or pass? Um so, we should be able to break then. I can’t remember how to do a quick pass. Is it square? Alright ah, what are we looking at here. Oh, this will be impressive. I think that had potential to score then, but we didn’t get luck. Ah so, It’s square.

Awe, let’s keep dribbling. So, all I am doing here is paying attention to the minimap to see where the opposition is. That’s probably the best way to do Blitzball in Manual. Awe, no! Get pass us three Bickson. Look at that, free shot at goal. Can we get lucky? What! Awe, dang it halftime. Tidus’s technique slots increased to one. Awe, thank god. I thought I skipped this. So, we’re gonna change the Sphere Shot to the Jecht Shot that we learned when we were on um, S.S. Winno. Okay, I take it that know one else knows any Technique’s. Yep. Blitzoff! Yes, this should be a goal if we don’t get blocked.

Awe, just. Is he really going for the shot from there? That’s desperation. Hmm awe, c’mon! The Besaid Aurochs have the lead, but It’s not over yet. You did good Tidus. Let’s see if the Aurochs team can set Wakka up for a goal. Go Wakka! Go for a Normal Shot. Had a feeling that was gonna happen. Alright, let’s try the Venom Shot. Na, Raudy got poisoned though. Oh crap. Nice, Keepa’s – Catch went up by one point. Obtained Strength Sphere. Got the Trophy – Teamwork. How about that, two wins in a row. How would the Besaid Aurochs ever get off that high.

Bloody ambushed by some Sahagin. But, Sahagin Chief. Are they all Chiefs? Yep. Susceptible to electricity. Nice, Tidus with a few Overkill’s. Another one. Twenty-two Power Sphere, hell yeah. And, it looks like we have control of Auron. Let’s try Power Break. Let’s try and blind this Garuda. And it worked with a Dark Attack. Might use a Potion. I think that’s the first one we’ve used. Got a little bit of HP those. Heavy, that’s a lot for Tidus to digest. So, their’s a ‘Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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