Final Fantasy X – KILIKA PORT (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 011


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the eleventh episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, here we are in S.S. Liki’s Corridor and we’re just gonna walk around and talk to the people and see what we can find. So, you might be wondering why haven’t I touched the Sphere Grid yet and the reason is, so basically, I feel like I’ve gone this far without using the Sphere Grid. So, I’m gonna try and see how long I can go without using it. I might have a couple of sickles. So I think for now, I’ll just loan or give O’aka one hundred and one (Gil). And that will only mark his prices up to fifty, by fifty percent.

Um, well have multiple opportunities to donate. But, we don’t have a great deal of Gil, so that’ll do for now. So, if I can donate one thousand and one Gil at some point, he’s prices will be marked up by only twenty, or thirty percent I think. But, if I can donate ten thousand and one Gil. All of his items will be thirty percent off. What do we have here in this chest? A Remedy. This briefcase here, when you kick it. You actually get the item the Potion. But, if you have more than twenty Potion’s you can’t get anymore. So, if I had five Potions in my inventory.

I could kick this fifteen times and get fifteen Potion’s. But, we have twenty-one so it ain’t gonna do nothing. Power Room. Chocobo and It’s cry. What’s that I see their? Obtained Al Bhed Primer volume III. So, the letter ‘L’ in Al Bhed is now translated to ‘C’ in English. That’s our third Al Bhed Primer found. Let’s head up to the main deck. The names Tidus from Zanarkand. Okay, let’s go speak to lady Yuna. Sinscale. Okay so if you want, this is a good opportunity to power level by just attacking an endless supply of Sinscale. But, we’re gonna take out two. So, we’ll just proceed to attack Sin from here on out. Sin’s not going down without a fight.

Oh no, straight into another battle with a Boss and it is Sinspawn Echuilles. Okay, we’re gonna focus on the Boss fiend. Cause it looks like, yeah their gonna come back, Sinscale. So, Wakka’s applied the darkness to the Echuilles. Oh no, seems like a waste using this Ether but, I feel we need to apply the Dark Attack again to survive here. That should be enough to carry us to victory I believe Alright, the devastation and destruction of Sin. Alright, we’ve reached Kilika Port. Alright, I see a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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