Final Fantasy X – GAGAZET PROMINENCE (4K) Save Sphere 1: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 092


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the ninety-second episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. If we get a battle or two. We might see if we can train up the Aeon’s Overdrive Gauge to max capacity. We’ll see how it goes. There’s Valefor’s Overdrive meter filled. So, I’m doing a couple of Aeon Overdrive meters, because we’re about to enter a battle, where we need to use at least a couple for a good chance at survival. One of the tougher boss fiend fights in the game, without a doubt. Ouch! Alright, let’s progress onward. That should be enough Aeon’s maxed of their Overdrive gauge. Okay, here we go for a big match-up against Seymour Flux and of course, It’s Mortibody but, It’s called a Mortiorchis now. It’s like evolved I guess.

Okay so, Esuna doesn’t work for Zombie affect. We’ll have to use well, we got plenty of Remedy. So, we’ll use Remedy to cure the Zombie status ailment. Okay alright, we’ll start off with ah, Wakka’s Overdrive Slots and Attack Reels! Awe, dammit. Let’s do Rikku’s Overdrive Mix and we’ll mix Power Sphere with a Mana Sphere. Kimahri’s Overdrive Jump on Seymour Flux! Holy dooley, that’s a lot of damage. Time to put Auron’s Bushido Tornado to the test for the first time. That looks so epic. Lulu’s Thundaga Fury Overdrive! Tidus’s Swordplay Spiral Cut! Alright Yuna, we’re relying on you now to carry us to the end of this battle. She’ll summon the Valefor Aeon and straight away, use It’s Energy Blast! I’d imagine It’ll do a lot of damage. Seymour Flux has Banished Valefor.

Yuna summons Ifrit, straight into a Hellfire! Banish will be a recurring theme with these Aeon’s. We’ll use Shiva’s Diamond Dust Overdrive quickly. No Seymour like, death awaits you right this second. You have a date with death himself. And, Yuna will Grand Summon in Bahamut! Mega Flare, and that should about wrap up this battle. Alright, you see there barely visible, their’s a chest. Containing the Key Item Saturn Crest. Very necessary to grab that. So, Sphere Grid. Plenty of moves to be had. It’s always a good time. Wakka learns the Ability Osmose. Yuna learns Curaga Ability, which is the third stage of curing. The best healing spell you can get, very cool Ability. We definitely wanna unlock this Level Three Key Sphere node for those Strength abilities for the next time.

I’ll use the Level One Key Sphere to unlock that way. As you can see, there’s no nodes there to activate. But, It’s still required to at least walk on each one of em’. So I mean, we might as well just do it now! It may have been a good time to activate a few Ability nodes but, that’s alright, it can be done later. Lulu unlocks her remaining two Abilities Firaga and Blizzaga. We now have the whole four of the Aga’s. I think we wanna come down this way. Very useful stuff there, like Double Cast so, let’s go down here. So, Display Status and the overall glance of Sphere Grid progression of each character. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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