Final Fantasy X – AUROCHS VS BEASTS [TOURNAMENT 2] (4K) Save Sphere 3: HD Remaster | Episode ~ 104


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Transcript: Hello and welcome back to the one hundred and fourth episode of this Final Fantasy X HD Remaster playthrough. So, we’re gonna board the Fahrenheit Airship and fly it over to Luca Stadium, at the receptionist desk. And by speaking to this receptionist, we can register to play Blitzball here. So, the prizes there we don’t want. So, we have to ‘Reset Data’ in our case. Now, Tournament’s greyed out. So for that, we can cancel and re-enter four times. And now, Tournament is visible and our first place prize Aurochs Reels is there.

Which is Wakka’s final Overdrive technique. Um, you have to collect the prior techniques before that would appear and also, you must have encountered four hundred and fifty fiend battles for that to appear also, the Auroch Reels. And considering It’s the Aurochs Reels. I might try and do this Tournament with just the Besaid Aurochs team mates. Which’ll be, quite the challenge. So, first up we’re versing the Kilika Beasts. We got no techniques yet so we might have to play defence and control the ball for the first-half. Blitzoff! Nice tackle Jassu.

Oh no, we have to set the ‘Movement’ to ‘Manual A’. No! That may not reach Tidus. Yes, barely. We might have a chance at goal here with Tidus. Shoot, and Tidus scores, very nice. A great start for the Besaid Aurochs. It’s definitely ideal starting off against Kilika Beasts is it? We’ll try and make the most of this and I’ll pass it around and take shots near half-time. We need to get some experience points shared out. Tidus may have another chance at goal here. Tidus shoots and scores. Two/nil before half-time. Half-time! Let’s set Tidus’s Jecht Shot tech.

Second-half commences and Letty grabs the ball. Let’s go for another regular shot. Tidus shoots and scores in the back of the net. Three/nil. Isken fumbles the ball, Jassu regathers it. Go yourself Tidus! Oh, we’ve been tackled, let’s ah, do his dad’s famous Jecht Shot! Four/nil Besaid Aurochs. Here’s there only chance to score but, he chose to pass and he’s lost it. Times up! Besaid Aurochs win four/nil against the Kilika Beasts. Tidus scoring all four goals, that’s no surprise. So, their’s a ‘Traveller’s Save Sphere‘. I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’ll see you on the next!

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